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September 14, 2018

Prescription eyewear in San Diego

At Optometry Cabana, our low prices and quality eyewear set us apart from our competitors. We make sure every patient has the right prescription so that their eyes are in top health all the time. Patients who need their prescription updated or who need glasses for the first time often suffer from headaches or blurry vision. This can signal that they may have the wrong prescription, or their prescription may have changed slightly. It’s important to rule out any eye diseases as well. Some eye diseases come on slowly and can cause vision loss if they aren’t ruled out right away. Glaucoma and cataracts can come on without warning at first. Patients may not even notice they have lost some of their vision until much later. Our San Diego eye shop will these for these conditions and others that can affect vision.

Our contact lenses come in soft and hard contact lens styles. Soft contacts are the most popular lenses with patients. They’re comfortable and can be worn in different situations. Daily lenses can be worn for a day before being thrown out. Extended wear lenses can be worn for a longer period of time, with only periodic cleaning at night. Whatever the case, patients should be sure to take care of their lenses as dirt and bacteria can get inside and build up. Eyewear is all made using the most quality materials. Our San Diego eye shop has a guarantee on all our prescription eyewear.

All of our eyeglasses are prepared on site and most patients have their prescription given within the day. You won’t have to go anywhere else to get your new glasses, you’ll just have a short wait while our eyewear staff prepares them for you. Call our San Diego eye shop today for more information on our services.

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