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November 9, 2017

Dry eyes and winter weather in San Diego CA

Optometrist in San Diego CA

Dry eyes are not linked to any one season, but they do tend to occur with greater frequency in winter. Harsh winds and dry indoor air are big contributing factors. At Optometry Cabana, we have simple solutions to deal with dry eyes and alleviate the frustration and discomfort associated with them.

There are two basic causes for dry eyes, and they revolve around the tears that your eyes produce. In order to keep your eyes sufficiently moist, you need to make enough tears, and those tears need to be at a high enough quality to do the job properly. That's simple enough. As mentioned earlier, dry air and harsh wind make a bad situation worse. The same is true of smoke, both your own and second hand. You should avoid smoke if you want to avoid dry eyes. Our optometrist in San Diego CA also suggests that you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when out on windy days. Stay out of air-conditioning when possible, and consider a humidifier for your home, so that you can put more moisture into the air you live in. All of the above are helpful, but they may not be enough to prevent dry eyes completely or to alleviate the situation you are already experiencing. Artificial tears are available in eye drop form, and you can get them over-the-counter at nearly any drug store. Our optometrist in San Diego CA can prescribe stronger ones if you need them. And with an exam at our office, testing can be done to determine the quantity and quality of your tears.

The good news is that dry eyes do not present a long term threat to your eye health or to your vision. But to deal with what is going on right now, you can turn to our optometrist in San Diego CA. Contact our office to arrange a convenient time to come in.

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