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92130 Glaucoma Eye Surgery

September 7, 2017

Eye doctor in 92130

92130 glaucoma eye surgery

It is important that you have an eye checkup every year to make sure that your eyes are remaining healthy and disease-free. At Optometry Cabana, our eye doctor can screen your eyes for glaucoma, as well as many other eye diseases and disorders, and determine whether or not you may need 92130 glaucoma eye surgery.

As part of our comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctor will test your eyes for their intraocular pressure. This test only takes a matter of seconds and is completely painless. If your eye pressure is found to be high, additional tests may need to be performed to determine whether or not you are developing glaucoma. Glaucoma is a very serious eye disease which can lead to blindness. However, the good news is that when diagnosed early, glaucoma can often be treated with medicated eye drops, so the patient does not need to have 92130 glaucoma eye surgery. Glaucoma actually is a name for several different eye diseases, all of which affect the health of the optic nerve. When glaucoma is in its early stages, it often shows no symptoms. However, it is during this time that it can most easily be treated with medicated eye drops. Our eye doctor will be able to diagnose whether or not you have glaucoma even before any symptoms become readily apparent to you. This is because the initial stages of the disease present symptoms that are so slight, that they are generally not even noticed by the patient. If you wait until your vision is to stir before you have your eye exam, you can be risking losing your good site. Treatment of glaucoma focuses on keeping the disease from advancing, as glaucoma cannot yet be cured.

We recommend that patients contact our optical practice for an eye exam so you are not kept waiting. However, we are happy to welcome walk-ins to see our eye doctor. Having annual eye exams is the best way to be able to have glaucoma diagnosed early so that you will avoid needing 92130 glaucoma eye surgery, and suffering vision loss.

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