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Carmel Valley Sunglasses

March 22, 2016

Designer sunglasses in Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley Sunglasses

If you're under the impression that sunglasses are only for the summer, we at Optometry Cabana want to give you something to consider. Sure, sunglasses get a rigorous workout during the hottest months of the year, including time at the beach, but even when it's a bit nippy and windy out, there are great reasons for taking advantage of our Carmel Valley sunglasses. We have a wide selection of sunglasses that you can choose from, so we will be able to satisfy not only the practical reasons for wearing sunglasses, but also your sense of style.

The best reason to get our Carmel Valley sunglasses, for any time of the year, is to protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Every pair that we carry block out a full 100% of the dangerous UVA and UVB rays, shielding you from their effects. And wind can also cause damage to your eyes, both from the harshness of it and by blowing a foreign object or piece of dust into your eye, leading to irritation or inflammation. Wind also can cause dry eyes, so consider that wearing sunglasses in winter will keep you sheltered from that, as well.

And while we don't get much bitter cold, snow, and ice in these parts, you may decide to visit family or take a ski vacation where those condition most certainly will apply. The wind is even more of a concern in those circumstances. And it's true that snow and ice reflect the sunlight, which can cause significant glare to hit your eyes. Ice skating, skiing, and snowmobiling are all activities for which you should wear our Carmel Valley sunglasses. But even must walking around in cold climates can be hazardous without the protection that sunglasses offer.

So, now that we've appealed to your practical side, let's discuss the emotional reason and that's the fashionable designer look that you will find among our collection of Carmel Valley sunglasses. Each pair you consider here will bear a name that you know and trust for quality and for style. When you consider all of the good arguments for getting sunglasses, why wait? Come on in today and take a look.

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