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Kids Eye Exams in Del Mar

February 26, 2016

Del Mar Pediatric Optometrist 92130

Kids eye exams in Del Mar

A trip to see our pediatric optometrist will result in no pain or obvious discomfort for your child, which is just one reason why she or he is going to feel positive about coming in for our kids eye exams in Del Mar. At Optometry Cabana, we go the extra mile, creating and maintaining an office that is about patience, gentle car, and fun. Aside from some minor stinging that may occur from the application of eye drops, your child will find his or her experience here to be smooth and comfortable.

With a little preparation, your child is going to feel at ease and right at home. Getting acquainted with our kids eye exams in Del Mar now will lay the foundation for a lifetime of worry-free eye care. Our pediatric optometrist will do a complete checkup that includes both a vision test and a screening for common eye diseases. In addition, we will check for childhood concerns such as amblyopia (lazy eye), double vision, and drooping eyelid. Ensuring that both eyes are working together properly in concert with each other is also vital to your child's optical well-being.

Optimal eyesight is very important for your child. The demands of schoolwork require nothing less than the very best vision that she or he is capable of achieving. If your child is nearsighted, farsighted, has an astigmatism, or some combination of these visual issues, we will find out as part of our kids eye exams in Del Mar. He or she will be asked to read from an eye chart that contains pictures as well as letters. If your child is not yet at reading age, the tumbling E game can be utilized. This is where a series of E's are presented and your child will simply point in which direction they are pointing. It's both fun and effective.

While eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma are often associated with being older, they can both affect anyone at any age, and this includes your child. Baseline tests are done during our kids eye exams in Del Mar, with additional ones being recommended as necessary to form a definitive diagnosis.

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