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January 30, 2016

Treating Blurry Vision in Del Mar


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How do you know when you have cataracts? Well, the only way to be certain is to schedule an eye exam with us at Optometry Cabana. However, one symptom that is linked with cataracts is blurry vision. Of course, any time you experience that, you should contact our Del Mar eye doctor. Cataracts occur when a protein buildup in your eyes results in a cloudiness forming on the lenses of your eyes. As new cells form on the outside of your lens, the older cells are pushed to the center. Over time, cataracts can compromise your vision.

More than half the cases of cataracts are diagnosed in those who are 65 or older, but it is a disease that occur at any stage of life. So, aging is associated with cataracts, but so is genetics. In fact, some people can be born with them or develop them in early childhood. Diabetes, exposure to radiation, drugs that include corticosteroids and diuretics, personal habits like smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are all risk factors for this disease. Our Del Mar eye doctor will talk with you about your lifestyle, medical history, and family history in order to assess your chances of developing cataracts.

Early on, you probably won't notice any symptoms at all. As the disease progresses and light begins being blocked out, however, you might experience the previously mentioned blurry vision or a feeling of having a film over your eyes. Among the other signs are problems driving at night, difficulties with glare, double vision, changes in how you perceive colors, and a sudden change in your prescription for glasses or contacts. Older people may find that they no longer need reading glasses. At first, this can seem like a positive development, but it could very well be an indication of cataracts. A full exam by our Del Mar eye doctor, including tests such as a slit-lamp exam, will result in a definitive diagnosis. Be sure to bring your current eyeglasses or contacts with you to the appointment. The good news is that there are effective ways to treat cataracts, both non-surgically and surgically, if needed.

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