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Eye Testing in Del Mar

January 22, 2016

Del Mar eye doctor

Eye Testing in Del Mar

Are you looking for an expert eye doctor who can give you a comprehensive eye exam that includes eye disease testing? Having eye exams at regularly-scheduled intervals is very important to maintain your eye health. It is easy for us to take our excellent vision for granted, until there is a serious problem. Instead of waiting for a problem to develop and then having to see our eye doctor for a diagnosis, a much better approach is to come in and see us for preventive eye testing in Del Mar.

Coming into our practice for eye testing in Del Mar is the best way to ensure that eye diseases or disorders do not damage your vision. Unfortunately, many eye diseases do not have obvious early symptoms; for this reason patients can go on for quite a while before they think to see our eye doctor. When some eye diseases, such as glaucoma, are diagnosed, it is already too late to restore any vision that has been lost. However, the good news is, if glaucoma or other eye diseases are detected before any vision is lost, our optometrist will generally be able to treat you to make sure that the disease does not progress. If it is determined that you need advanced treatment, such as laser surgery, our eye doctor will be happy to provide you with the name of an expert ophthalmologist who will be able to provide the care that you need.

At our eye care practice, Optometry Cabana, our expert optometrist is Dr. Tania Stevens. Dr. Stevens is a therapeutic optometrist who is able to evaluate and manage most ocular health conditions. When patients come to her for a comprehensive eye exam, they receive eye testing in Del Mar as part of their exam. The eye testing includes detection for: cataracts; glaucoma; macular degeneration; diabetic retinopathy; hypertensive retinopathy; conjunctivitis; ocular allergies; dry eye; and many other conditions of the cornea, macula and retina. During a comprehensive eye exam our eye doctor will also make sure that she tests your eyes to determine if you have any refractive vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. If any of these problems are found, our eye doctor will be able to write an eyeglass prescription or contact lens prescription so that you will once again enjoy crisp and clear vision. For an appointment to see our doctor for an exam contact us today.

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