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Del Mar Optical Lenses

September 28, 2016

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Del Mar Optical Lenses

Choices are what we're about there at Optometry Cabana. Eyeglasses are a practical purchase logically, because you need to see better. But it's the fun of selecting the frames that you love, along with our Del Mar optical lenses that is the center of why our valued customers enjoy coming in. We understand that both aesthetically and functionally, having lenses that meet your preferences and requirements will give you a more satisfying experience wearing eyeglasses.

First of all, the materials that our Del Mar optical lenses are made from can make a difference. If you have a tendency to drop your glasses a lot, or you work or experience recreation in situations where your lenses could easily break, you may want to consider polycarbonate, which in addition to being thinner and more lightweight, also provide the benefit of being resistant to scratching and shattering. These are often an especially good choice for children who can be hard on their glasses.

On the other hand, you may need a particularly strong prescription to correct your vision. With high index, that prescription won't have to be put into a thick set of our Del Mar optical lenses, which among other drawbacks could limit the type of frames you can put them into.

Among our most popular choices are lenses that provide coatings that limit reflection and glare and/or that mimic some of the more attractive properties of sunglasses. For example, anti-reflective coating is put right onto our Del Mar optical lenses. It's very helpful for driving at night and if you spend a lot of time using your computer. Furthermore, when you're photographed, there will be less white-light reflection from your lenses. Or choose your favorite color of tint to shield you from the bright sunlight. And with polarized lenses, you can reduce both sun glare and reflection. This is the same type of lenses that are used in many sunglasses. Use these to get the best of both worlds when driving or engaging in any outdoor activity of your choice. Our impressive selection of lenses will make it easier for you to customized your glasses to your precise desire.

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