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Eye Doctor in 92130

December 22, 2015

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Eye Doctor in 92130

More than just a vision test, at Optometry Cabana, our eye exams are thorough and complete. Of course, our eye doctor in 92130 will test how well you see to determine if you need a new or updated set of corrective lenses. But our optometrist will also screen you for the most common eye diseases and check the parts of your eyes. Detecting any potential concerns early is essential to effecting the most favorable outcomes.

We recommend an eye exam for all of our valued customers at least once per year. Why so often, you may ask? Well, your vision is constantly changing and from year to year, your needs will change regarding eyeglasses or contact lenses. You may have never needed them before, but this could be the time in your life when you could benefit from them. You don't need to be struggling with your eyesight to take advantage of what prescription lenses can do for you. Already wear glasses or contacts? It's important that they meet your current vision issues and an updated prescription can be very helpful in improving how well you're seeing. It is the goal of our eye doctor in 92130 to help you achieve the very best vision that you're capable of having. Through various tests, our optometrist will gauge how well you see up close, at a distance, and from side-to-side (peripheral vision).

The other reason why an annual eye exam is a good idea is that glaucoma and cataracts (either of which can affect anyone at any age) and other diseases like diabetic retinopathy (a concern for anyone with type one or type two diabetes) or macular degeneration (when you're 40 or older) form and progress without any symptoms to alert you to their presence. It isn't until the latter stages when you are likely to notice signs. By then, you may have already experienced some level of vision loss or damage to your eyes. These changes might not be reversible, so the wisdom of coming in for your eye exam with our eye doctor in 92130 on a regular basis is quite obvious.

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