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Satisfied Optometry Cabana Customers
Optometry Cabana prides itself on customer service and satisfaction by ensuring top quality prescription eyewear. See what other customers had to say about their eyeglasses, and sunglasses purchases online.


Anna Obraztsova on 2017-04-15

The selection of frames was absolutely terrific. Gabriel was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant and most instrumental in my selection of a frame. Dr. Stevens was kind, prompt, and thorough.

Sahra Daneshmand on 2017-04-11

Dr. Stevens was very attentive and thorough. Egor took a lot of time showing in detail the various frame options and explaining about them. Very good experience.

Keith Watson on 2017-03-05

The doctor is the best !

MIKE LANG on 2017-02-25

Excellent service in every way, and a wonderful selection of frames - I always find something I love.

Andrea Dashiell on 2017-02-10

My wife and dropped by and they were able to accommodate us. They were very friendly and helpful! It was a great experience and look forward to our new glasses.

Louis Sintasath on 2017-02-03

Everyone & everything was wonderful Thanks

Mehri Cheraghali on 2017-02-01

Professional approach and frirndly Dr and staff. .

Anon on 2017-01-24

Excellent as always.

JAMES BOWMAN on 2017-01-11

Dr. Stevens provided a thorough exam explaining her findings to me.

Martin Kalish on 2016-12-24

Friendly, professional service.

William Hartman on 2016-12-07

Very satisfied

Floyd Robertson on 2016-11-29

Dr. Tania is the best.

Sarah Moustafa on 2016-11-26

I am so impressed with Optometry Cabana. We were heading out of town for Thanksgiving and my 12 year old son frames broke in two pieces the day before we were leaving (Of course). The staff was so supportive and helpful. The computer system showed they didn't have any frames for his lenses in the store. The Dr. searched the store herself and found the frames and we were able to replace them. It made all the difference for our holiday. We have been going to OC for our family for years and they are always friendly, warm, and professional. I highly recommend them.

Jacob Sur on 2016-11-25

The vision exam is speedy and efficient. The frame selection is great.

Han De Ho on 2016-11-20

Great experience and amazing glasses!

Jain Sternberg on 2016-10-20

awesome service in all respects - will recommend to anyone needing eye check up and glasses. Personalized, knowledgeable and efficient.

Douglas Kimmelman on 2016-10-05

Doctor Stevens is down to earth, accessible, her work is excellent, thorough and quick!!! My first visit to her was about a year ago, when I was in excruciating pain, I made a phone call to her office when I explained to the receptionist my situation, she called doctor Stevens whom had left minutes before, she turned around to come see me. Her diagnose and treatment brought immediate relief. That experience showed me she is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. Her assistant Gabriel was very helpful. They are welcoming and helpful. Very nice experience.

Anon on 2016-09-23

I needed kids frames and had gone to a few highly recommended shops without finding much that I liked. I decided to look here because it was in my neighborhood (not expecting to find anything), and the frame I found was the best looking and best quality of all we had seen. For girls they had a pretty big selection of Lilly Pulitzer (as of Summer 2016), which were the ones we chose, and they had even more boys' frames. I was able to maximize my insurance benefit by getting a nice frame here instead of getting something cheap that might break sooner.

Anon on 2016-09-14

Always a pleasant experience. Dr. Stevens is so nice and very thorough.

Gina Ellis on 2016-09-04

I highly recommend Dr. Stevens. In the past few years I've found the need to reach for reading glasses more often and my eyes tire more easily at the end of the day. Dr. Stevens asked the right questions, and worked with me to find a prescription and a type of contact that works well for me. I find that I don't need reading glasses as often, and my eyes don't tire at the end of the day, so I can leave my contacts in until late at night. Her office staff is also helpful and professional.

Laura Page on 2016-08-29

Utmost professionalism and knowledge.

Anon on 2016-08-04

What a great team. Patient and thorough! Big selection and just an all around great experience!

Anon on 2016-07-24

They were wonderful! They took the time to explain the results of my exam clearly. Used not only professional jargon but also explained my eye troubles in people's language so that I understood clearly what was going on with my eyes. That alone was awesome! The contacts they fitted me with are perfect! I can't wait to get my new glasses!

Robin Stone Solomon on 2016-07-19

Very professional and extremely competent.

Paul Garlington on 2016-07-08

The exam was state of the art and very efficient. Scheduling was flexible and the staff were very professional.

John Miranda on 2016-07-05

I really appreciated the time spent in helping me choose the right frames (although there may have been a bit of a push towards more add-ons with the lenses), everyone went out of their way to show me styles that they thought would look good or what I would like. There was no rush to the whole process and they were not afraid to give their opinions. I am grateful for that level of service! The selection of frames here is amazing--they always have new styles coming in. I think this place is perfect for people who love glasses with style and aren't satisfied with Costco's/other optometrists' dated selections. Everyone was very friendly and they definitely treat new and repeat customer's with the same friendly and respectful demeanor. If there was a hitch to anything--this is nothing--but a place in this sort of location would do well to have additional help during the summer. They are definitely a popular shop for passerby (I should know, I have walked in on multiple occasions before this purchase)!

Anon on 2016-07-01

Dr. Stevens is very friendly & experienced. Gabriel is very attentive.

Anon on 2016-06-26

It was a wonderful experience to have an eye exam and select may new glasses at Optimetry Cabana. It took the stress out if the process. The eye exam was professionally done, with state of the art (cool) equipment and professional/friendly staff explaining every aspect. The employees provided great advice on quality and "style", as well as helped me navigate the many choices tailoring the glasses to me. Really great experience! Thanks!

Anon on 2016-06-26

My second pair of gorgeous sunglasses! Cabana is my go to place for great styles, good prices and excellent service!!! Denise Owner baker and olive

Denise Calabrise on 2016-06-14

Optometry Cabana is the BEST place to get an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Dr. Stevens is an OUTSTANDING doctor :)

Alaa Soliman on 2016-06-08

Love Dr. Stevens and the staff. Always on time and welcome. Good suggestions. Also the contacts come in 2 days. Thank you.

Krittika Nimar on 2016-06-04

great experience!

Anon on 2016-06-03

always very happy!

Anna Obraztsova on 2016-05-23

Great service...very happy

Glenn Burton on 2016-05-17

Excellent service and selection! The optometrist provided an efficient and precise examination.

Perry Zeigler on 2016-05-02

Always spectacular service and products. The ONLY place to go for a new prescription/pair of eyeglasses!!

Dean Seiler on 2016-04-29

Very professional, thorough exam. I would highly recommend Dr. Stevens

Kenneth May on 2016-04-26

I couldn't be happier with my expierence

Adam Grobin on 2016-04-02

Excellent, professional, and personalized service. My son got just the right glasses and thorough exam. Thank you!

Nikolas Renner on 2016-03-13

Very friendly and helpful staff

Lori Stringham on 2016-03-03

Friendly and helpful staff ready to assist you. Dr. Stevens was thorough, helpful, and fast - my new optometrist from now on!

Andrea Dashiell on 2016-03-01

Everyone was professional and went out of their way to accommodate my needs. I would recommend Optometry Cabana to anyone who likes to be greeted with a smile, treated as if you are the only one in the store and acknowledged when leaving. Professional and thumbs up.

Adrienne Blumberg on 2016-03-01

Great very thorough exam Dr Tania is very professional and knows her stuff Definitely recommend and will return

Joseph Fennell on 2016-02-28

Amazing staff, wonderful Doctor, and top of the line products. They really focus on the customer and get them exactly what the need and want. I will be coming back time and time again!

Anthony Harrison on 2016-02-28

What a wonderful experience. I must have tried on 100 pairs of glasses to find the right pair for me. Brilliant client experience! Thank you!

Anon on 2016-02-27

Awesome customer service

Fray Torres on 2016-02-23

The doctor is amazing.. Gets it done right, after two weeks, can see clearly now!

Anon on 2016-02-20

Always fast, friendly, professional customer service.

Dean Seiler on 2016-02-09

Excellent service!

Anon on 2016-02-09

Appointment was on time, she was thorough and quick. I got what I wanted and the service was excellent.

Vishal Shah on 2016-02-07

Doctor Stevens is great and the other employees are very nice and helpful.

Diletta Martirano on 2016-02-06


Ana Fabian on 2016-02-04

Once again, the people at Optometry Cabana were EXCELLENT! They were very patient as I looked at dozens of glasses and were eager to help with quality recommendations.

Dennis Sutton on 2016-01-23

Very pleasant experience. Everyone was very helpful and I thought my exam was thorough.

Jeanne Anderson on 2016-01-17

I was impressed with everything. It was a very pleasant experience.

Claudia Krissinger on 2016-01-17

Very helpful and knowledgable about their brands and the different styles for face types. Good customer service too, helped with tricky insurance questions.

Anon on 2016-01-01

Fast friendly service.

Anon on 2015-12-23

I got right in and once there felt like I was the only thing of importance. Dr. Stevens was extremely thorough, explained everything in terms I understood and didn't rush. Her equipment was the most state of the art I'd ever seen in my 50+ years of wearing glasses and I would say that this was the best eye exam I've ever had. No more franchised optical stores for me!

John Redman on 2015-12-16

Dr. Tania is very nice and very clever and the store has a very nice collection of high-end glasses.

Sarah Moustafa on 2015-11-28

Dr. Tania is very nice and very clever and the store has a very nice collection of high-end glasses.

Sarah Moustafa on 2015-11-28

Very happy with service

Anon on 2015-11-13

Service was great! The whole experience was positive! The Dr and staff were wonderful!

Jessica Cordero-Rabe on 2015-11-07


Anon on 2015-11-01

Optomety Cabana has an excellent selection of high end and unique frames. Dr. Stevens and her staff are very knowledgeable and professional.

Jonathan Brenner on 2015-09-24

Excellent selection!

Milcah Alvarado on 2015-09-23

A truly 1st Class experience. K.Hans

Kirk Hans on 2015-09-15

I recently had an outstanding experience with an eye examination and eyeglass order from Optometry Cabana. Optometry Cabana of the Del Mar Highland Shopping Center advertises that they take walk-ins for eye examination, so I thought I would give them a try. Despite it being early in a weekday afternoon, Dr. Stevens was able to see me right away, and the examination (with dilation) was completed in approximately 1 hour. Her staff gave me a competitive price for the new lenses, and was also very helpful with my request that they be fitted in an existing frame. They gave me an estimate of approximately 1 week for the new eyeglasses, but exceeded that deadline by several days! Finally, my new prescription glasses were a dramatic improvement over my older ones. It was a real pleasure being a satisfied client of Optometry Cabana, and I would heartily recommend them to anyone in San Diego County in need of professional optometric services.

Anon on 2015-09-15

Staff is wonderful with great customer service. Dr. Stevens is very informative, patient, and thorough with eye exams. Dr. Stevens and her staff also helped me find the perfect eyeglasses! Thank you!

Anon on 2015-09-09


Patrick Vaughan on 2015-09-05

Simply great and friendly service.

Kamal Aleisa on 2015-08-26

Fabulous staff!

Judith Rath on 2015-08-24

Excellent services the doctor was very thorough and explained everything she was patient and the staff was wonderful and very helpful. The best part was we got the new contacts in within 2 days Thank you so much I am going to refer to everyone I know

Anon on 2015-08-14

Great service. Staff arrived right on time when the store opened. Eye exam was quick and they were very helpful in showing me glasses to pick out.

Anon on 2015-07-17

Wonderful as usual! Thank you Dr. Stevens!

Claudia Kennedy on 2015-07-14

I was seen right away. Very friendly doctor and staff. Insurance information was ready to go prior to my arrival and prices reflected those specified by my plan. Competitive prices for contact lens orders. All aspects of eye health were checked.

Gabriel Ozorowski on 2015-06-23

Excellent service and very high quality frames.

Jonathan Brenner on 2015-06-22

Great selection- great location - friendly - professional- knowledge team. Two thumbs up! Walked I and they made me feel welcome. Patient too- as it was tough to decide which pair to buy!

Sarah Sbicca on 2015-06-15

I like my new glasses and very appreciate for help provided by Optometry Cabana to choose the frame. It was excellent service.

Zoya Shvartsman on 2015-06-15

Excellent service, friendly and on time for appointments. Will go back.

Anon on 2015-05-27

I had a professional, thorough exam. I also received great help in picking out frames from a large selection.

Franklin Scherer on 2015-05-15

Very good

Anna Obraztsova on 2015-05-10

Staff was very friendly and professional. Very easy to get in for an appointment. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

Heidi Brenchley on 2015-05-06

Dr. Stevens and her entire staff are wonderful! They are so helpful, warm & professional. It's hard to pick out lenses esp. because I am picky & I always feel guided to exactly what I want. My 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter have also had their eye exams and glasses done at Cabana. We wouldn't go anywhere else!

Erin F Sur on 2015-05-06

I live in Carmel Valley. This place is super convenient with friendly and helpful staff. Doctor Steven's was great !

Anon on 2015-04-22

Very friendly staff, reasonable prices, great variety of frames!

Giovanna Scott Perez on 2015-04-19

I went there for the first time to check on my eye, since I had so much pain on it. And normally I freak out with all the stuffs regarding the eyes... Dr. Tania Stevens was so nice and spent so much time with me, with no rush, and just taking care of make me, making me feel good and calm during checking. Then I returned other day to check my eye and also took a look for some glasses. Usually is so hard to find glasses for me because I have a very tiny face, but between the doctor and the other girl (too bad that I forgot her name and she is so nice!) they were helping me so much and found few glasses that I liked how I look with them and fit me perfect! I did't buy them that day though because I wanted to check in other stores. I checked like 6 other places, and no other place had better glasses for me or gave me so much good attention and also being that truly sincere (which I highly appreciate that). Then I came back with my husband few months later to check the glasses that I liked at the beginning, and the man there was suuuuper nice. I tried again the glasses that I liked but also he showed me new models that would fit in my face perfectly. Of course I ended up buying them! I really like this place, not just for the diverse option of glasses, but also the quality of good service they have. I am going to keep coming to them from now on with no doubts!

Sonia Judit Sierra Sillero on 2015-04-14

Great costumer service. Wide selection of frames. The doctor was very nice and if you have questions regarding your eye health she answers them.

Anon on 2015-04-10

Great selection & extremely helpful and patient staff!l I've been searching all over for my next pair of eyewear and found the perfect pair here!

Kathryn Norton on 2015-04-04

fast, helpful and easy :)

Martina Holte on 2015-03-31

This was my first visit to Optometry Cabana and I was, overall, pleased. The doctor is pleasant and explained each test as they were given, as well as the results. I was given VIP treatment when choosing my new frames - no rush - and we had lots of fun! I strongly recommend Dr. Stevens and her staff!

Christina King on 2015-03-14

Awesome service. Totally satisfied beyond all expectations!!!

Dean Seiler on 2015-03-04

Had the best time there.

Sean Packnet on 2015-03-04

Very nice people. Nice atmosphere. Very helpful.

Doris Lew on 2015-03-01

Service was great!!

Jason Dearham on 2015-02-27

They were so nice and had a great selection of frames!

Lakeisha Johnson on 2015-02-25

Doctor and the staff is very professional and courteous. I got my Sun glasses and later got my eyes tested. The doctor helped me pick my first set of eye glasses. I will recommend this office to my family and friends. Regards, Neil

Sunil Kilpadikar on 2015-02-10

I was given very good attention considering that in was a walk in and hadn't considered getting glasses when I set out. I saw that other customers were being dealt with in a fun and friendly way. The optometrist was thorough and professional and both her and the receptionist were very helpful in targeting the right glass frame for me. I left feeling that I had serendipitously gone to the right and best place.

Simon Browne on 2015-02-08

Dr. Stevens is thorough and professional. She takes the time to educate a patient on his/hers conditions.

Claudia Kennedy on 2015-02-04

excellent customer service as usual!

Michelle Agonoy on 2015-02-03

Very friendly service. Very professional.

Jennifer Walker on 2015-01-25

Awesome service!!!

Laura Adams on 2015-01-23

Friendly service, diverse selection of frames to suit your style, and easy to find location.

Michael Acio on 2014-12-27

Dr. Tania Stevens is wonderfully competent, kind and helpful. My examination was very thorough, so I felt confident my prescription was correct. Both Dr. Stevens and her staff were really helpful while I was selecting my glass frames. I am super excited to get my new glasses!!! I will definitely recommend Optometry Cabana to my friends!!!

Anon on 2014-12-02

WOW…I love this place. Everyone that works there are so supportive and kind!!!!! They also know what they are doing from the doctor to the ladies that help you pick out the perfect pair of glasses.

JANET SAWYER on 2014-11-14

I went in to see if they took my insurance, turns out they did and they took me in for an exam right away. I was surprised, I've never walked in to an optometrist and just been seen right away. They had plenty of frames to choose from, but I knew the ones I wanted right away. Overall I'm super happy and pretty impressed with everything.

Anthony Handt on 2014-11-13

The store is located in a great location and the staff was very helpful and friendly! I am glad to have made this the place for my eye exam and glasses purchase.

Anon on 2014-10-30

Excellent customer service. I recommend these people.

Dean Seiler on 2014-10-29

Their glasses are over priced compared to like Amazon, but with the groupon discount, it's very competitive. The Dr seemed very knowledge and was very nice.

Anon on 2014-10-06

I had a great experience and the front desk girl was very nice and helpful picking out glasses. The doctor was very nice and service was quick. It was a clean store and very professional setting. I look forward to going back to get my glasses and doing busibess with them in the future.

Jessica Celis on 2014-10-05

Amazing experience. The doctor was informative and helpful, the staff couldn't have been more friendly.

Chris Remsen on 2014-10-03

I brought my daughter to Optometry Cabana and I was so happy, I made an appointment for myself. I love my new glasses. Dr. Stevens and Joanie were great to work with. It is nice to find a place I want to go back to over and over.

Jennifer Brown on 2014-08-14


Anon on 2014-08-13

Always professional and friendly.

MADISON KLAIR on 2014-08-13

Excellent service

Helmut Goebel on 2014-08-03

I was very happy I went to Optometry Cabana to replace a pair of rx sunglasses. Dr. Stevens and her staff were knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

John Mann on 2014-07-29

5 stars. Great experience! I'm traveling out of town and had some problems with my glasses and eyes so I made an appointment. Everyone was very courteous and professional and was very knowledgeable. They listened to my issues with my eyes, asked lots of questions and got me on my way. I would highly recommend them to any of my family and friends.

mike stout on 2014-07-27

Professional, convenient, pleasant. Highly recommended!

David Welsh on 2014-07-24

Very welcoming and friendly staff that took the extra time to make me feel at home. Dr. Stevens was knowledgeable and answered all my questions, and made sure that i was seeing as clear as possible. Her staff helped me prick frames that were comfortable and stylish, and made sure i knew what was covered by insurance.

John Holzenthaler on 2014-07-22

Optometrist very professional. Overall experience was very pleasant. Could improve the way the frame selections were shown - suggest what kind would fit a particular type of face

Sriya Gorugantu on 2014-07-16

I just love my new Dita sunglasses! I have received many compliments as I wear them. Thank you for helping me find a pair that are attractive and suit the shape of my face. You have a new loyal customer! Denise C.

Denise Calabrise on 2014-06-02

I enjoyed my experience from the time I stepped in the store. Wonderful glasses to choose from and they are really honest about what looks good on your face.

JANET SAWYER on 2014-05-05

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with

Anon on 2014-05-05

Excellent and professional service

Patrick Vaughan on 2014-05-04

The appointment was very easy to schedule and I was able to do so with very little notice. The staff was very friendly, and helpful, and they were ready for me when I arrived. In addition, they took the time to work with me in finding the right contacts for my eyes, even though it took a few tries.

Anon on 2014-04-28

My husband and I have both been to see Dr. Stevens at Optometry Cabana. We were both extremely pleased and impressed with the service and care she and her staff provided. And, there are a lot of great glasses and sunglasses to choose from.

Gina Ellis on 2014-04-24

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